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Linux Device Tree Pinctrl Tutorial

When porting drivers on a specific board for a comparatively new linux kernel, it is common to edit the linux device tree files to put together all the device configurations with register values, working modes and pin control offsets set to expected values.

Here in this post we focus on the exact steps one needs to find the correct pin control offset for specific devices. Here we'd take TI's AM4379 (AM437x) chip as an example for this tutorial.

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Manually UEFI Boot Linux and Windows 10 USB from Grub


Dead boot of Linux or Windows needs a lot of labor when sometimes it just does not work.

Legacy boot mode does not support hard drives that provides more than 2TB disk space, and mostly you would like to use UEFI mode for better Windows 10 support.

With this tutorial you may:

  1. Learn how to boot from a blank computer into grub via changing BIOS options
    • You need a working computer with Linux
    • Note: it may differ from BIOS to BIOS, but the basic idea does not change
  2. Learn how to boot from multiple different Linux distribution ISO images from a UEFI compatible USB device
  3. Learn how to boot Windows 10 USB in grub

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